7 Tips to prepare for BITSAT Logical Reasoning in 2022


One of the most important BITSAT preparation tips is to understand the exam structure, including which topics are safe, the types of questions asked, and how to answer them. To study more efficiently and outline your preparation well before taking the exam, a Best BITSAT test series can predict what questions you will face, which is done by Masterclass Space’s test series. BITSAT’s Logical Reasoning part includes topics such as figure matrix, formation, and analysis, analogy test, series, etc. It’s simple to deal with the preparation if you know what’s in store.

Logical Reasoning Topics 

Logical Reasoning Topics

You cannot score well in BITSAT Logical Reasoning without some sort of exam-oriented preparation plan. In this article, we bring some tips to prepare for the BITSAT 2022.

A study plan should be drawn up ahead of time: 

An examination timetable or schedule must be drawn up by a candidate. Even though you don’t have to adhere to a rigid exam framework, doing so will help you have a better understanding of the exam. It’s impossible to know how much progress a candidate has made or how strong their argument is if they don’t have an agenda. On the other hand, a candidate may not be able to remember the critical points in the process, and instead waste valuable time by not living long enough to be able to prioritize.

Work on Question Selection Skills 

Make sure you spend enough time going over the entire paper, reading each question thoroughly, but only answer those that you are certain about. You shouldn’t waste your time on questions that you don’t know the answer to. Not at first, at any rate. That is possible once you have answered all of the questions you are confident in, thereby maximizing accuracy and minimizing negative marking.


Practice previous year’s test papers 

The BITSAT sample papers from the previous year are a good way for students to check their preparedness. Sample papers include questions similar to those asked in the previous exam, thus the ability to teach them still has value on how far a candidate’s comprehension of that topic has advanced.

Prepare BITSAT Mock Test Series

Students can take to take the BITSAT Mock Test Series once they have completed their preparations. It is created by our experienced team of BITSians, IITians, and IIMites. Reports and solutions to each problem can be viewed by students in a single location. Time management and exam pattern familiarisation will benefit students much from this course.

Study NCERT Books 

When it comes to exam preparation, remembering the correct editions of study materials can make a huge difference. Students will be better prepared if they use books or study resources that are accurate. NCERT books can serve as good study aids because they explain all of the concepts in detail, as well as provide the sketches and problems that were used to help students understand the content better.

Logical Reasoning Books 

Candidates should make thorough research of the best available resource in the market which will boost their preparation. Students can practice from various books and resources available online which will help grasp the fundamentals and prepare for any questions in regards to the subject matter.

Speed Practice 

Work on your ability to correctly answer questions quickly. Attempting to solve at least five to ten questions in a short period will undoubtedly improve your exam results.

Nobody can foretell what would happen in terms of Logical Reasoning. Practicing on your own can help you get through this phase. Speed up and solve two questions in a given amount of time instead of one.

We have an Android app for students to take the BITSAT Mock Test Series as well as a fully functional website where they can find more information about the exam. Online BITSAT Test Series by Masterclass Space is available now to gear up students in securing a good score.