About Us


Masterclass Space, as the name itself suggests, is the place for teaching by the experts of their field. Masterclass Space is an online academy for university admission preparation. It is dedicated to teaching students in their comfort zone in a hassle-free environment. Masterclass Space prepares students for SAT, ACT, AP (Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics), IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and SAT Subject Test in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It uses cutting edge technology to deliver online live interactive lectures keeping in view all the teaching requirements.

Our aim at Masterclass Space is to provide the right guidance to students to meet their requirements to get the best result and thereby make their way smooth in university admission. We do not just focus on getting admission in the best university but also prepare students to recognize and explore their potential.

Masterclass Space is run by a group of experienced graduates from top-notch universities of India – IIT, IIM & BITS-Pilani.

We serve students all across the world-right from the Far East to the Middle East to Europe to the United States. Our class content and teaching methodology are well researched and adaptable according to the standard of students.

Teaching is not just our profession at Masterclass Space; it is a passion for all of us. We started Masterclass Space with a purpose to provide high-quality education at affordable rates to generate interest in the subject among students so they themselves start putting effort and build confidence to score well in exams they take. We are a catalyst in making the career of students. Our team consists of graduates from the top universities of India. They are chosen not just based on academic qualification but their experience and genuine interest in teaching. Many of our team members have good experience in different industries and they are part of Masterclass Space for their true dedication towards teaching. We are always looking for team members who have worldwide experience. We encourage our students not to be just good at academics but genuinely follow their passion whether it is music, sports, traveling, art, science, etc. Once you get the freedom to follow your passion, you do well in academics too, it’s our thinking.

Masterclass Space consists of alumni of IIT, IIM, BITS-Pilani only, which are top universities of India, who have proved themselves in competitive exams and are masters of their subjects.

  • Our all the live online lectures get recorded and students can access them as many times as they want.

  • All the written content of the class is sent to students after class in soft copy. We try to minimize students writing notes during class to save time and maximize understanding of the concept.

  • We make available the study material and save it in the account of students.

  • Regular tests will accompany our online classes.

  • Extra doubt solving sessions are put on the request of students.

  • In case of emergency, students can attend the class via mobile phone also through a dedicated app.

  • Based on class content, assignments are given and discussed.

  • Feedback on the performance of the student is given to parents from time to time.

About the Founder

Aditya Shanker Founder

Aditya Shanker is an alumnus of BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus. He carries a highly versatile profile. After completing his Bachelors in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Physics, Aditya left lucrative corporate job offers from campus placement. He rather preferred to work with an NGO working in the education sector in central India to understand the education scenario in India and learn basic skills to uplift the literacy of the country.

After a year of experience with NGO, he moved on to work as Mechanical Engineer with oil and gas design firm in New Delhi, India and Houston, Texas, USA. After gaining engineering experience, Aditya moved back to India and took the profession of teaching. He taught Physics at the top institute of New Delhi for IIT-JEE preparation – Vidyamandir Classes.

Aditya’s journey has been a roller coaster since college days. Having a keen interest in technology, Aditya worked in the robotics field during college. He represented India for the first time in Rescue Robot League, Robocop, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011. With his robotics project, ‘Shaurya’ which was developed for rescue project for DRDO, India (Defence Research and Development Organisation), Aditya won Intel India Embedded Challenge, 2011 from more than 2000 innovators of India.

At the age of 21, he became speaker of TEDx Talks talking about sound effects in music from his personal experience in music. Aditya is a professional Indian Classical Musician, a Tabla (Indian drum) player along with being an educator now.

Aditya has presented concerts at prestigious platforms of India and abroad. He was chosen as Youth Cultural Ambassador of India for World Festival of Youth and Students 2017, Russia by BRICS Forum. He performed at the opening ceremony of World Festival of Youth and Students at Siberia. He is only Indian to be invited to Tavrida National Youth Forum, the Republic of Crimea in 2018 to present Indian Classical Music. He has collaborated with the Russian Pianist to present a concert at Embassy of Russia, New Delhi and went on to work with Cannes nominated artist to present a concert in Delhi International Arts Festival, 2016.

For his works, Aditya has been interviewed by leading media of India – The Times of India, The Hindu and Channel One of Russia.

Aditya not only supports students academically but also motivates them to pursue their passion and balance extracurricular along with academics. He teaches Mathematics and Physics at Masterclass Space.

Aditya enjoys travelling, exploring different cultures, Yoga, playing Piano, blogging and working for social causes in his free time.

Hasan Raja
Academic Head English

Hasan Raja is an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode. He holds a dynamic profile. He has done graduation and master’s degree in English from Delhi University. During graduation, he added designing certification in leather accessories. After completing the certification, he played the role of advisers in product development. During the master’s degree, he founded an education institution (PN institute: education for deprived class) and started a career in journalism.

After completing a management degree from IIM, he started his own NGO. He became editor of one magazine. He continued journey with both a full-time journalist and a part-time teacher. As a verbal trainer, he worked with many reputed organizations.

Although he has been associated with education since high school, yet he has enjoyed working with multiple profiles. He has been one of the finest designers. His designs are still very popular and from time to time he is invited to give his suggestion. Being in writing for a long time, he did a lot of writing works.

Hasan has written series (1 to 9) of books (English) for Olympiad. He has worked for South Korean company (GJS Pvt. Ltd) for 3 years. He has written two English speaking books (English Mantra and English Talking) for the same company. He has also developed the content for IELTS and PTE.

While running NGO, he set up his own drama company named Art. He wrote many plays and directed them successfully. His popular themes were education, social evils, and politics.

He got both national and international exposure. He got a chance to work with national electronic media (ZEE News). He handled a team of content writers and developers. Now, he is an established verbal trainer and educational adviser.

Hasan enjoys writing short and long stories, ghazal, poem, and drama. He loves traveling, exploring different cultures, watching classical movie as well as documentary. Long route driving is his passion.

Dr. Sonal Mazumder
US Outreach & Academic Advisor

Dr. Sonal Mazumder is currently a scientist in a top-notch US agency. She has more than 12 years of academic and research experience. She received a PhD in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech. Prior to her current position, Dr. Mazumder served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS Pilani (Pilani campus) for almost 3 years. There she established labs and conducted research on nanotechnology in drug delivery and other chemical engineering applications. During her academic career, she has mentored several students for academic and professional development. She has served in several leadership positions and received awards and accolades for her leadership qualities. She also chaired several seminars and conferences, organized workshops and training and delivered invited talks in various national and international platforms. Apart from her professional pursuits, she is a professional dancer and passionately teaches and performs several forms of dance. She is also a theatre artist and filmmaker. She also loves yoga, travelling, listening to music and working for non-profit organizations.