Scholastic Aptitude Test or the Scholastic Assessment Test is abbreviated as SAT or SAT-1. The test is conducted seven times every year in the month of January, March (or April alternating), May, June, October, November, and December at a worldwide level. It is a pen paper-based test that tests writing, critical reading,and mathematical knowledge. The SAT is designed to measure the thinking skills you’ll need to succeed in college and career.

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests and Scholastic Assessment Tests) is a standardized test used by most US colleges and universities. By assessing your school grades and your SAT scores, you are considered as a potential student for college admissions by College Board ETS (Educational Testing Service).

The SAT has four tests, with the Essay being optional. The three tests that everyone will take are (1) the Reading Test, (2) the Writing and Language Test, and (3) the Math Test. The timing and number of questions are as follows: Reading – 65 mins for 52 questions, Writing and Language – 35 mins for 44 questions, Math – 80 mins for 58 questions, and Essay (optional) – 50 mins for 1 question. So, a total of 180 mins (230 mins with Essay) for 154 questions (155 with Essay).

The Writing Skill section tests not only your quickness for finding grammatical errors and comprehensively written sentences but also checks your ability to write a fine-draft wide-ranging and comprehensive essay on a particular topic, issue, or current affair. In this section, you are being tested on how effectively you express your opinion on a certain topic. Your score depends on how many correct answers you solve within a limited and definite period of time. Speed & accuracy both plays an equal role. The total score ranges from 400 to 1600. This score is the sum of the scores on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (which includes the Reading and Writing and Language Tests) and the Math section. Of the 154 questions in the entire SAT (not counting the Essay), 96 questions are on the Reading and the Writing and Language Tests and 58 questions are on the Math Test. Section scores for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and for Math are reported on a scale from 200 to 800. The essay has three dimensions –reading, analysis, and writing. Two raters read each response and assign a score of 1 to 4 to each of the three dimensions. The two raters’ scores are combined to yield Reading, Analysis, and Writing scores, each on a scale of 2 to 8.

Masterclass Space SAT Prep Courses

  1. SAT Exhaustive – 1:
    It is the most chosen  course for SAT prep. From basics, all the concepts are covered. Review tests, assignments, and mock tests are included in the program. The duration of the course is 3+ months covering approx. 75 hours.
  2. SAT Exhaustive – 2:
    This course is designed mostly for students of grade 10. From basics, all the concepts are covered. Review tests, assignments, and mock tests are included in the program. Duration of the course 5 months covering approx. 70 hours.
  3. SAT Fast Pace:
    This course is designed for those students who have already done self-preparation and wish to give finishing touch to their preparation. Tests, assignments, and mock tests are discussed along with tricks to solve questions. The duration of this course is 1 month. So, if you are left with a month for a test and you are looking for quick revision, it is the best course for you.
  4. SAT Personal:
    This course is based on ‘one on one’ pattern i.e. one instructor and one student. It is for those students who are willing to study only specific topics of mathematics or the verbal part. The course structure is customized based on the requirement of a student.

SAT Exhaustive – 1, SAT Exhaustive – 2 & SAT Fast Pace courses are available in group sessions.

Course Summary

SAT Exhaustive – 1 3+ Months 75 Hours 10th,11th,12th
SAT Exhaustive – 2 5 Months 70 Hours 10th,11th
SAT Fast Pace 1 Months 30 Hours 11th,12th
Sat Personal Customized Customized 11th,12th

Demo Videos of Live Interactive Class For SAT-I (SAT Prep)

SAT English (Verbal)

SAT Math

Our Top Scorers in SAT 2019

Name City Country Score ( Out of 1600 )
Anshu Ghate Lagos Nigeria 1600
Vijit Gupta Fremont USA 1560
Sneha Rao Bangalore India 1580
Siddhant Jain Houston USA 1500
Sam Philip Muscat Oman 1500
Rishabh Desai Mumbai India 1510
Ram Balakrishnan Abu Dhabi UAE 1500
Rahul Shah Mumbai India 1570
Ommen Thomas Dubai UAE 1530
Manu Jain San Diego USA 1580
M. Adithya Kuwait City Kuwait 1520
Kshitij Garg Bangalore India 1560
Khushi Patel Nashville USA 1590
Kaushik Raman Singapore Singapore 1550
Kaushik Ram Chennai India 1530
Kanishka Sen Oslo Norway 1510
Ishita Bharadwaj Mumbai India 1550
Harshit Reddy Hyderabad India 1590
Ayushi Parashar Bangalore India 1570
Ayush Bhatia Phoenix USA 1510
Ayush Agnihotri Doha Qatar 1590
Ashwin Sharma San Francisco USA 1580
Arjun Ramachandran Singapore Singapore 1520
Ankita Jain Mumbai India 1550

Highlights of our SAT result:

  • Students from four continents joined us – Asia, North America, Africa & Europe.

  • Highest score is 1600

  • Lowest Score is 1370

  • Average score is 1490


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