Why should I choose Masterclass Space?

Masterclass Space (‘MCS’ or ‘we’) is a premium educational brand from India. Its credibility has been built by its faculty team and results, resulting in global reach. MCS started with a broad vision to have a global family of students which pushed it to be in the online education field when it was not even famous. So, Masterclass Space is among the first few online education brands of India.

Masterclass Space selects very specific faculty members who are alumni of premium institutes (tier-1 colleges) of India and are passionate about education. Many of the faculty members have left their lucrative corporate jobs and joined MCS. So, faculties are not just good at their teaching subject but they are also best counsellors.

Masterclass Space is trusted by students from six continents. The way of teaching at MCS is very in-depth which prepares students even for rare tough questions in the test. This results in a high score. Doubt discussion and personal feedback further strengthen the preparation.

The vision and quality of Masterclass Space can be estimated by the fact that we received a certificate of recognition of start-up within 1 year of incorporation from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. This is a rare honour of trustworthiness.

What is the experience of the faculty members at Masterclass Space?

Masterclass Space considers only experienced candidates with minimum experience of 2 years in teaching field. Currently, MCS has faculty members having 3 to 9 years of experience of the teaching in reputed institutes. Apart from teaching experience, many faculties have experience in the social sector, engineering, consultancy, marketing, or art field.

How are the courses structured at MCS?

The course is divided into interactive live classes, assignments, and mock tests. After each class, an assignment based on the class is provided which is discussed in the next class. Sometimes surprise or announced tests are conducted based on assignment for revision. Once the course gets over, mock test practice and discussion sessions start. All the handwritten content of the class is sent to students in soft copy format. Except for solving questions, we do not ask students to write notes during class but to only concentrate on teaching which saves a lot of time, resulting in enhanced productivity as the notes are anyway sent after the class is over to everyone. Students are free to ask doubts during class.

Do you provide any study material and mock tests, revision, or crash courses? Do you provide tips and tricks beyond the syllabus to score better? What is the teaching pattern – recorded classes, or interactive sessions?

Yes, we do provide study material. Our class notes are handwritten which are sent to students after class. We also provide reference books for assignments. Once the course is over, all the students are provided with mock tests (15-20 mock tests) which are also discussed in class. As many mock tests can be provided apart from this as a student wants on request until he/she feels confident in practice.

For students, who have done self-preparation and want to join us for revision, we have crash courses which we name as ‘Fast Pace’ courses for 1 month.

Yes, apart from teaching and discussions, our faculties are experts in designing strategies by providing tips to score high.

Masterclass Space is known for online live interactive classes which remains our teaching pattern. Our live classes get recorded but it is not shared with other students. Only students who are enrolled in the course, get the recording.

What is the difference between 100% Score Improvement Guarantee & Satisfaction Guarantee?

100% Score Improvement Guarantee means we are very much confident in our teaching methodology and content that if you join us after taking SAT then your score would improve in the second attempt. In case, it doesn’t improve, we will refund the full tuition fee which is 70% of the total fee. Please read the guarantee schemes for details.

Satisfaction Guarantee means we are confident of our teaching but in case you do not feel satisfied after studying the complete course then you can re-join the same course again with us for free. Please read guarantee schemes for details.

How was the performance of students of Masterclass Space in past? To which all universities have the students been admitted?

Masterclass Space students have performed exceptionally well in past. Our students have achieved 1600/1600 in SAT, 35/36 in ACT, 800/800 in SAT Subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Math) and 5/5 in AP courses.

Our students have been admitted to MIT, Stanford University, Yale University, UC Berkeley, Cornell University, Brown University, Oxford University, Johns Hopkins University, and many such top universities.

Can I prepare simultaneously for SAT & AP courses?

Yes, definitely. SAT syllabus is different from AP (Calculus AB/BC, Physics 1/C, Chemistry, Statistics). There is a difference in the duration of the courses. SAT course is of 3-4 months duration and AP courses go for 7-8 months.

Should I prepare for SAT Subject Tests first or SAT?

SAT Subject Tests require knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, or Math up to high school. So, until you have studied these well, you should not attempt SAT Subject Tests. Better is to prepare SAT first then prepare for SAT Subject Tests.

Does Masterclass Space counsel students for college admissions?

Yes, we counsel our students if they need it. Though currently, we are not doing it professionally, we may start college counselling professionally sometime in the future.

Does MCS help in getting internships?

Yes, we do connect our students to specific organizations if they need it. We have some MOUs with NGOs in which we may refer to our sincere students.

Are classes recorded for revision?

Yes, all the live interactive classes get recorded and they are available with students for watching as many times as they want.