Advanced Placement (AP)

College admission is the most crucial in one’s life. Many of the US universities consider Advanced Placement course as one of the criteria for the selection of candidates. By taking the AP course, you signal universities that you have shown special interest and taken the tough course to pursue the field of interest. You have already proved yourself by doing the college-level course and now your skills are more polished to take challenges of a college degree. So, the admission officer gets a clear picture of your level and preparedness to pursue a college undergraduate degree. It gives extra weightage when AP courses are seen on your transcript.

  • You can graduate 2-3 semesters before a normal duration thereby saving money on tuition fee and living expenses.

  • Your profile impresses admission officer and there are higher chances of getting admission to the university of your choice.

  • AP course on the transcript increases your chances to get a scholarship in university.

  • You get more flexibility in college. You can add a second major or minor, take more electives, study abroad, and still graduate early.

  • AP courses develop college-level academic skills. It already prepares you for the challenging academic environment of college.

  • You get time to involve in extracurricular activities.

  • AP Calculus AB/BC

  • AP Physics 1 & 2, AP Physics C Mechanics/ Electricity & Magnetism

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Statistics

AP Statistics

AP Physics

AP Calculus

Our Top Scorers in AP 2019

AP Calculus BC
NameCityCountryScore (out of 5)
Manu JainSan DiegoUSA5
Kaushik RamanSingaporeSingapore5
Ankita JainMumbaiIndia5
Khushi PatelNashvilleUSA5
Prakhar GargAtlantaUSA5
Kshitij GargBangaloreIndia5
Ishita BaradwajMumbaiIndia5
Atul RaghuramanDohaQatar5
Prem SrivastavLondonUK5
Paridhi GargBangaloreIndia5
AP Physics C Mechanics
NameCityCountryScore (out of 5)
Manu JainSan DiegoUSA5
Kaushik RamanSingaporeSingapore5
Khushi PatelNashvilleUSA5
Prakhar GargAtlantaUSA5
Trupti AgrawalHydrabadIndia5
Ishita BharadwajMumbaiIndia5
Mani PawanBangaloreIndia5
Aman JainPhoenixUSA5
AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism
NameCityCountryScore (out of 5)
Kshitij GargBangaloreIndia5
Siddhant JainHoustonUSA5
Preet SinghTorontoCanada5
Prahar MishraMumbaiIndia5
S. JayashardaSingaporeSingapore5
AP Chemistry
NameCityCountryScore (out of 5)
Lav AgarwalLondonUK5
Kavi BanerjeeNew YorkUSA5
Shashank MukundBangaloreIndia5
Harsha ReddyHyderabadIndia5