8 Most Common SAT mistakes Made by Students

SAT mistakes

Throughout our time as a test prep academy, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many students who were also SAT enthusiasts like us. Most of them come to us with preconceptions about the test, which leads to inaccuracies in their performance. Many times we wince at these mistakes because they are so readily avoidable! All you need to do is spend some time studying for the SAT before taking it. Many of our students may easily get a score of 1550 on the SAT with consistent practice and assistance from our tutors. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Best SAT preparation in Los Angeles! 

For your benefit, we have listed some of the most common SAT mistakes made by students.

1) Unawareness about functions

Functions are a difficult topic in SAT Math. Students are less familiar with functions than other math concepts, not because they are more difficult. Practice and familiarisation will help you quickly master functions.

2) Question omissions

Each and every time you can eliminate one or more options on the SAT, you should just guess! On 90 % of the Reading and Writing questions, an average student can eliminate at least one possible answer. But,10 to 20 percent of these questions are left unanswered by the students! Almost usually, there’s a stupid answer in those questions, so just guess.

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3) Forgetting Formulas

Without your trigonometry formulas memorized, you would have no idea how to solve this question. It is impossible to answer this question without first learning the sine and cosine formulas for an angle. Not only is memorizing formulas crucial for accurately answering some questions, but it can also be a time-saving shortcut.

4) Not guessing in Math Section

There are many mistakes in the SAT Math section that students make without realizing it. Students may get confused with the meaning of a word or confuse how to use a formula. But there are some tricks that can help users avoid these SAT Math mistakes. For example, if one is not sure if he/she should plug in a number or use a variable for an answer, just keep guessing at different numbers and variables until you find one that makes sense. Unanswered questions are not penalized. As a result, always make educated guesses!

5) Filling Answers Sheet Incorrectly

This is just another reason why making educated guesses is preferable to simply not responding. If you forget to answer a question, you must be extremely careful when transferring your responses to the answer booklet. In order to skip a question, you must also skip the corresponding bubble! Don’t make the mistake of mistakenly filling in the wrong bubbles with the right answers.

6) The Math Section is Devalued

Students think they know Math, Algebra, and Geometry well enough to pass the SAT. If a question regarding a subject from third grade comes up, these same students crumble. The SAT isn’t a math test as we know. The SAT reasoning questions can be difficult to understand if you haven’t taken fundamental arithmetic courses.

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7) Not Learning Vocabulary 

The College Board, claims it is not a vocabulary exam. A perfect Reading score is possible without knowing every word’s definition, but any test expert will tell you that vocabulary is vital. Most high school students know around half of the vocabulary words in the Reading questions. You can simply learn the other half. Good word lists will help you tackle typical SAT vocabulary.

8) Not knowing the characteristics of wrong answers

It’s common for students to limit their choices to two in a passage-based reading question. The difficult part is deciding how much time to spend on each option. It’s often easier to choose the wrong response than the right one. Knowing the traits of incorrect replies will help you find the correct ones. Answers that use excessive language, half-truths, or duplication are likely incorrect.

A cheerful attitude can boost your confidence and eventually your test results. To succeed, you must believe in your success. If you’re worried about the test, take a step back and reset your thinking. Focus on the good and you’ll succeed!

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