Best 1 Month SAT Study Plan in Chennai


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Prepare for SAT in 1 Month

How can you prepare for SAT in a month if you only have 30 days in hand? Don’t worry! Here’s what to do if you only have 30 days to complete the task. Get organized first. Create a study schedule one month before your SAT. Make realistic plans for your studies, including homework, extracurricular activities, and travel time. A study calendar will help you prepare for the SAT. You’ll be able to plan for your SAT prep and know what to study every day. In this post, we will not only let you go through the 4 weeks study schedule but also guide you on problem-solving skills & how to be methodical, and set up a routine.


Week 1 SAT Study Schedule

Students should focus on their current skill level in Week 1. Practice tests help you define your starting point and progress toward your personal score goals. Take and score one full-length SAT practice test. Review your practice test and discover your weak points. Start with the difficult questions to figure out where you went wrong. Do you need to review the concept? Go over your answers and see if you could be more efficient in arriving at the correct solution by comparing your approach to the explanation provided. Review & learn core concepts as needed, and do practice sets.

Week2 SAT Study Schedule

Start Week 2 with a test. If you got identical questions wrong last week, focus on those areas this week. Use your practice test review day to pick the test sections you’ll focus on this week. This week, devote some time to learning and practicing each section’s test-taking strategy. The best way to improve your reading, vocabulary, and writing skills is to read more! You should read challenging English publications like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Harper’s Magazine, and The New York Times. Continue to read actively, attempting to grasp the main points of each paragraph and the author’s message. You should be able to explain any article you read. To prepare for the real test, you should practice switching between math and verbal questions in your mind.

Week3 SAT Study Schedule

Your Week 3 of studying for the SAT will be spent rehearsing core content and concepts. As you did in Weeks 1 and 2, rely on the outcomes of your practice tests to direct your study. Make sure you take a full-length SAT practice test in a single sitting. Review & practice in a way that you prepare for a random collection of questions. For example, you might review geometry topics for one day, but your practice questions will draw from a variety of mathematical concepts.

Week4 SAT Study Schedule

In the Math section, for example, if you are struggling with Functions & Probability questions, now is not the time to study how it works. You’re unlikely to master the concept in such a short time, therefore focus on a more solid concept (question types you are getting right at least 50 percent of the time).

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