Best 3 months SAT Preparation Tips in Bangalore


Preparation for the SAT exams should begin with the creation of an Exhaustive study plan. Are you looking for Best SAT Preparation in Bangalore?

The Masterclass Space SAT study plan for 2022 helps the candidates in maintaining their concentration on the preparations for the examination. We have provided the most comprehensive 3 months preparation tips for scoring the best in SAT 2022 and you must make the most out of it. Discover your weaknesses and learn how to turn them into your strengths! In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive study plan for the SAT Exam, scheduled for 2022.

Ultimate 3 Months of SAT Preparation Tips 

Preparation for the exam should begin at least 3 months before the scheduled start date, according to experts and previous year’s top scorers. To cover all of the topics in-depth, you will be given ample time. It’s possible to crack the code if you put in the necessary effort during this period. Moreover, to make your efforts simpler Masterclass Space is here to provide the Best SAT Classes in Bangalore.

Study Plan For SAT Exam 2022 

To prepare for the SAT exam in 2022 and achieve high marks, the following points should be included in a study plan:

  • SAT study plan should include a few hours of self-study every day, such as preparing relevant books, watching online video lectures, or participating in classroom coaching sessions.
  • Experts advise applicants to study more than one subject per day despite completing the syllabus of one whole section.
  • Revising your work is the best way to make it better. Candidates should plan to finish their syllabus early and set aside enough time for revision in their study plan for the SAT.
  • Candidates should make sure to stay up to date on the news and read the College Board news & press releases.

1st Month SAT Study Plan 

You can cover a few of the listed topics in the first month

Month SAT

Use the results from your first practice test to plan how you’ll study for the next few weeks. If your first practice test shows that you’re not as close to your goal score as you thought, you can add more time to your study schedule each week for the first few months. SAT structure and question pattern can be mastered by reviewing questions time and again. Keep track of your practice tests and note any patterns you see. Revisit foundational topics that you got wrong most of the time.

2nd Month SAT Study Plan 

You can cover a few of the listed topics in the second month.

2nd Month SAT Study

Take another SAT practice test and score it. Use the results of your second practice test to help you study for the next month. Make a schedule to cover all topics if you wish to score better in all 3 sections. Begin with a difficult topic and build as much of a foundation as you can. In this way, you can quickly construct a depth approach. 

3rd Month Study Plan 

You can cover a few of the listed topics in the 3rd month.

3rd Month Study

Prioritize work, especially on topics where you’re still doubtful. Revise all three sections wisely. Invest 2 – 3 hours daily. Don’t learn a new concept at the last minute if you aren’t sure! Re-examine problems you’ve gotten wrong until you fully understand how you got there. Make a mental note of any tactics you can use to speed up the process of answering questions that you got right.

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