Best SAT Coaching in Kolkata

Are you looking for the best SAT preparation in Kolkata? You are at the right place! With Masterclass Space, you can prepare under the mentorship of expert faculty providing the best experience during your preparation with a simplified teaching methodology bringing the best results. Before going into details, let’s understand what is SAT.

SAT is a standardized test that measures the Mathematical, Reading, and Writing skills of candidates aspiring to pursue their undergraduate studies abroad. SAT score is thus mandatory for getting admission to Universities in the US and other countries. The examination is entirely a paper-based test scored on a maximum of 1600. To get a decent score, students must be very diligent in their preparation for each section of the SAT. The SAT has the following sections:

  1.  Mathematics,
  2. Reading Test,
  3. Writing and Language

Strategies for a Good Score in Reading Section

If you know the tricks of reading the passage, you will easily cover the entire passage within no time. We can help you with the tips that can help you score better on the SAT reading section. Some of the important points to keep in mind are:

  • Keep a track of the flow of ideas by skimming the first & last lines of each paragraph. You will easily get to know the core content as they are generally found at the beginning or the ending of the passage.
  • Reframe the question in mind in terms of what, why, how. This will make the question look simpler.
  • Sometimes, checking the options first will help you understand what it says about the question. In this way, you can eliminate the incorrect options quickly.
  • For questions that are detail-oriented, it is a good practice to read 5 lines above or below the highlighted lines to know the answers.
  • Do not be in hurry to select options. The options usually will look similar though they are completely different.

We see every student has a different approach to solving questions. Many students from Kolkata have benefited from our SAT classes. We understand the importance of continuous practice and evaluation and hence we also have become pretty successful in developing our teaching methodologies over the years. Currently, we aim at focusing SAT preparation, especially from Kolkata. Our students have increased their SAT scores through highly efficient & productive live interactive classes. 

Strategies to ace the SAT Mathematics section 

  • Conceptual Understanding: It is always seen; students often get confused over the application of concepts. To overcome this problem, students need to go through the concepts related to every topic as and when they start practicing it. This way they will be able to retain those formulas & concepts for a longer period knowing when and where to apply.
  • Calculations: Masterclass Space will guide you thoroughly to boost up your long calculations. You will be able to calculate fast with the help of our tips & tricks. Learn squares & cubes of numbers up to 30 at least. Keep up with the results associated with Congruency and Similarity of triangles. With our effective course structure, students will learn to avoid using calculators for basic calculations and try doing them mentally.
  • Syllabus Preparation: Firstly, go through the entire syllabus. Segregate your strengths

and weaknesses. Once you are done with the segregation, then pick up all your strong topics. Initially, try to cover your strong topics, this will boost your confidence. Then, you can move on to the other topics and again segregate the remaining topics. Doing this way will help you cover the entire syllabus less with the utmost effectiveness. Attempt lot of Mock tests to retain the entire syllabus for a longer period.

Important Tips for the SAT Writing Section 

  • The SAT Writing section is more or less a test of your knowledge of basic grammar and the usage of writing mechanics i.e. when to use commas as opposed to hyphens etc. The writing mechanics can generally be learned if you take a few practice tests, find out what you’re not understanding, and look up the points where you’re having trouble.
  • Some grammatical questions are hard to anticipate and much easier to figure out if you have solid experience reading similar passages in your own time. To score better in the writing section, read news articles and non-fiction books. This will help you with the writing portion of the test as well as the reading portion that often focuses on scientific or news-related articles.

Last but not the least, take advantage of our SAT Exhaustive Programme. We have numerous practice tests & quizzes that let you take diagnostic tests in each area of the test and measure where you need to focus your time studying for the SAT. Based on your average score in each section, we provide you with recommendations on ways to improve your score using our SAT score calculator.

Stay tuned with Masterclass Space and get your dreams come true. So if you are looking for Best SAT Classes in Kolkata, reach out to us.