Best SAT Coaching in San Francisco

Best SAT Coaching in San Francisco 

Although there are success stories of students who get good scores in the SAT exam without coaching, joining a coaching class helps improve your chances of success. Being in a constantly competitive environment will not only boost your performance but also propel your SAT exam preparation in the right direction. There is no other substitute for the best SAT coaching institutes when it comes to extensive preparation. We at Masterclass Space train students very diligently to get better in exam preparation. Here’s how the best coaching in San Francisco for SAT exam will enhance your chances and help you get better in the game:

SAT coaching can help improve your consistency and regularity.

Regular SAT classes with peers of a similar mindset can make the roller coaster ride more bearable. Expert Coaching by teachers from a group of experienced Indian graduates from IIT, IIM &

BITS-Pilani can do wonders and help you get on the right track for SAT exam preparation.

Why Masterclass Space is the best coaching in San Francisco?

Everyone knows that high scores on the SAT are very important to get into prestigious colleges. But perhaps students aren’t aware enough that the test itself has been revised time and again since its inception. We’ve curated the best test preparation practices from all the various versions of the SAT and packaged them together in a very hassle-free manner. With the fast pace & changing time, parents also need to stop old school strategies followed by their kids for SAT test preparation.

Masterclass Space is up-to-date with all the tutoring practices as we are committed to providing highly efficient and productive classes with daily practice assignments and doubt discussions.

We have placed more than 100 students in the top 20 colleges in the United States in the last year. Students of 6 continents are part of Masterclass Space family, and we are now focusing specifically on the  San Francisco region to bring in quality education with the help of our cutting-edge technology in an online interactive way. Our SAT students have been admitted to many of the best schools in the San Francisco region, such as Stanford University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Illinois, Princeton.

We also aim at counseling students to get into the best of universities in San Francisco. We follow a thorough research plan to understand the needs & culture of students across various continents and accordingly build study materials, practice assignments, and tutoring techniques to ace the SAT easily.

How do we follow a Customized Study Plan?

There are 4 sections for the SAT test. You will need to answer questions from SAT Reading Test,

SAT Writing & Language Test, SAT Math Test & SAT Essay. SAT is all about what skills you have acquired in the 12 years of your pre-education. US colleges check your college readiness based on your SAT score. You will need to complete a certain set of questions within the said time frame. So a customized study plan for each section is highly essential.

SAT Reading Test

The SAT Reading section is multiple choice and based on passages. Usually, it contains about 3250 words to be read in 65 minutes. It becomes difficult when you have to read and answer questions on those 3250 words. We guide students on how to get a quick overview of a passage and the tips to increase the reading speed to get through all questions easily.

SAT Writing & Language Test

There are multiple-choice questions where you have to carefully read, find mistakes and fix errors. You will be expected to improve the way passages develop information and ideas. In some questions, you will be required to select the best words. Students will be required to interpret informational graphics such as tables, charts and graphs. We will provide you with tricks on how to make a passage more precise and concise.

SAT Math Test

We have devised a customized study plan where we adapt to your progress. We identify your weak points and make you ready with formulas and syllabus thoroughly. Every student needs to work on mental math regularly. We help you with shortcuts to speed up the process while doing calculations. We also have students from New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Francisco who have benefited from our comprehensive study guide. Through our inbuilt cutting-edge technology, we study the skill level of each student and accordingly make skill diagnoses for each student. For advanced Math which requires manipulation of complex equations, we help students in reducing ambiguity with such types of questions.

SAT Essay (Note: The optional SAT Essay is discontinued for weekend SAT)

You will have 50 minutes to complete your essay which will showcase your analytical and writing skill ability. In our mock test practice and strategy discussion sessions, we help you with staying calm and following a practiced approach where you can score higher and show your best work.


Better the coaching, the higher the chances of success. So make sure you choose the best SAT Coaching in San Francisco keeping in mind faculty experience and your own strengths and weaknesses. We make sure your weaknesses turn into strengths, and you come up with flying colors.

Reach out to us today to get more information on SAT Coaching in San Francisco and get your name listed in our long list of success stories!