Was Covid a Blessing in Disguise? Best SAT preparation techniques to ace the exam


Best SAT preparation techniques to ace the exam

This pandemic has seen all our plans go up in smoke. It’s been especially tough for those students taking online exams as the dates keep postponing or the exams keep cancelling. But is there a silver lining to all this? Yes, now with more time to prepare for exams students can properly utilise this to practice more. We bring to you some of the best SAT preparation strategies that we have found useful to students.

  1. Taking online classes- Now I know most of you will be raising your eyebrows on reading this. But hear me out. SAT preparation books can only get you so far. These books only offer you formulas, some practice questions and answers. They do not show your mistakes, nor do they show any shortcuts to approaching different questions. And in an exam where time is of the utmost importance, knowing a few shortcuts will certainly boost your chances of a higher score. Masterclass Space takes care of these things all the while providing you with a comprehensive study guide. We offer one of the best SAT classes online and provide you feedbacks as well as mentoring sessions with people who are at the top of their subject. Couple this with an extensive amount of practise tests in a real SAT environment and you have all the recipes of success that a study book will never provide.
  1. Attempt all questions– We cannot stress the importance of this point enough. Since SAT carries no negative marking, it is only to your advantage to attempt each question. SAT papers are formed in such a way that you can immediately spot two wrong answers. This is especially true in SAT language section and practising the art of eliminating wrong answers can bear fruit for you in the long term.
  1. Time Management skills- This will not only help you in SAT but will help your career as well. Practising a test from the book doesn’t count as time management. You have to execute it in a real SAT environment. That means attempting the test in the same way as you will be attending it on the real exam date. You can prepare for this by timing each question and then figuring out where your weakness lies (in this case, the more time you take on a question). Identifying your weak points and working on them extensively will definitely give you a leg up in the race for achieving high SAT scores. We at Masterclass Space aim to provide the Best SAT coaching and special time management classes to upskill our students. Our methods have found substantial success and we have a proven track record of making students achieve their potential. We have students from all over the world attending our classes. To mention a few names, we have students from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc from India and students from Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago etc from US, thus giving us a diverse background of students.
  1. Improving your reading and writing skills– The SAT reading and writing section is the most scoring section. If you have a good grasp of your language, then this section will be a breeze for you. Reading magazines, newspapers, novels etc itself can boost your scores on the language section by 70%. Writing at least 10 new words each day and revising them daily guarantees to improve your vocabulary by a large margin. Masterclass Space trends to provide creative solutions and workshops to students who are weak at reading and writing sections.
  1. Taj Mahal was not built in a day – Okay, you caught me. This is a play on the quote ‘ Rome was not built in a day ‘. But why did we mention this here? To say that you can learn everything but if you do not practice it every day, it would be a complete waste of time. Not practising what you learnt is considered a grave sin in the life of students. So, practice especially the Maths section. Keep revising until you avoid making any mistakes. And the day you achieve that stage where you can consistently score above 1570 is the day you will be finally ready for the SAT exam.

We wish you good luck with your preparations. Stay safe and you can contact us for any information regarding our SAT preparation classes.