Best Ways to Prepare For SAT


Best Ways to Prepare For SAT

SAT or the scholastic aptitude test is the first step to getting admission to the top colleges. Getting a high SAT score can magnify your chances of getting into your dream college. But this is easier said than done. Most students don’t have a clue as to where to start. And that is where this guide comes in handy, just like the hero that comes in the last moment to save the world. Through this article, we have programmed a few guidelines that can give you a head start in your preparation for SAT. Who knows, these guidelines might prove to be the difference between you getting 1500 instead of a perfect 1600 in SAT.

A guide to scoring a perfect 1600 in SAT

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses– You’ll normally be good at certain things on the SAT, and it’s great to keep up with that edge by revising those topics occasionally. However, it is smarter to sort out where you struggle a lot. Go through a sample paper to see which regions you need to deal with while planning for the SAT. Writing an SAT at the beginning of your preparation will make you more aware of your mistakes and error-prone areas. You can then devise a timetable accordingly to concentrate more on your weak points.

Studying SAT from the right resources– There are heaps of study materials out there. Not all are made equivalent; truth be told some will hurt your score by furnishing you with questions that aren’t illustrative of the real test. Check out our blogs for a more in-depth analysis of the SAT.

You can check out the College Board for recommendations of books to prepare for SAT. Khan Academy is also a good source for study materials required for SAT. Masterclass Space also offers live classes and preparation notes for SAT. Our comprehensive study plan guides you through each topic extensively. Every student is given equal attention and doubt sessions are organized frequently to help you through the curriculum.

Upgrade your reading skill– The SAT contains a substantial amount of reading—you’ll have five long, thick passages in a steady progression in 60 minutes. It isn’t the questions that will give you trouble. Most of the questions will be direct. Yet, it’s the reading part that is intense, because your mind will probably run out of energy at some point during the segment.

To keep this from occurring, start reading lots and lots of books, preferably non-fiction books. Biographies, newspaper clippings, magazines etc are ideal for your preparation. SAT passages are usually taken from real-world scenarios, hence reading fiction won’t help. If you do not have a reading habit, then the reading section will be significantly tough for you. And reading prowess is not something you can achieve overnight, so get started straight away to improve your reading skills.

Practising the art of Mental Maths- One of the two Math segments on the SAT won’t permit you to utilize a calculator. Nonetheless, you don’t need to waste your time by doing calculations with just a pencil and a rough page. Strengthen your mental maths and you’ll save a great deal of time on test day. If you cannot do, say 16 × 5 in under 5 seconds then you need to take a step back and wire your brain into doing fast calculations. Not certain where to begin? Masterclass Space provides intricate shortcuts in maths that you can use to trick your brain into doing faster calculations.

Daily revision and extensive practice- Make a timetable for each day of the week. Stick to the timetable as close as possible. At the end of each day, make sure to revisit everything that you learned during the day. This helps you to retain information faster and makes your mind more perceptive. Do not engage in rote learning. Understand the basics of each concept thoroughly before moving on. Do lots and lots of sample papers. Identify your mistake in those practice tests and start improving them. Eventually, you will reach a day when you no longer make a mistake. Scoring a perfect 1600 in each sample test should be your ultimate goal before the real SAT.