BITSAT 2021: New Dates Released

Finally the wait is over for BITSAT 2021. The most awaited exam of 2021 is here. Today revised dates for BITSAT have been released on the official website. Here is the link for the same: BITSAT Online Tests (

The most important announcements are as follows:

  1. Deadline for applying for BITSAT 2021 has been extended to 7 July, 2021. Application window will be opened for editing from 4 July onwards. 
  2. Online tests of BITSAT 2021 will be conducted from 3-6 July 2021.

Further details can be checked from the above mentioned official site. 

What now: 

Students must start brushing their concepts and revising the complete syllabus as the dates have been announced. The most important factor which determines the success in BITSAT Exam is speed and accuracy. 

BITSAT official papers are never released. You can try to check that from their official website. What this implies is that students never get to practice from a very reliable source. Very few reliable test series are available which can actually help students prepare for the exam. 

Masterclass Space specifically considering this problem designed a series to help students excel in BITSAT. This series has been designed and created by team of BITSians because only they know the actual level of the exam. 

This series is a booster much needed for BITSAT Prep. You can see the video testimonies of the students who through this series achieved marks above 430 here: Masterclass Space

Series can be purchased from this website directly also: Masterclass Space


Wishing you all the best for the exam!.