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BITSAT Online Test 

BITSAT Exam is an online test to secure seat in various campuses of BITS-Pilani. BITSAT is one of the earliest exam to be fully conducted in online mode. All the students willing to appear for the exam need to keep this important factor in mind.

The format of exam is quite different from the national exam of Engg Entrance, JEE Exam. While JEE Main requires students to solve 75 questions in 3 hrs, for BITSAT students need to solve 150 questions in the same time. 

There are some important points to be kept in mind while preparing for this exam. BITS-Pilani officially never releases its previous year papers. So the content sold as BITSAT Previous Year Questions is not the official content; it is mere speculation of what came in exam. 

The reason why it is almost impossible to share the PYQs of BITSAT Online Test is also very interesting. The BITSAT Exam is quite unique in sense that no two students receive the same test! Yes you read that right! There is a very big database of questions for all the subjects depending on for which course you are appearing in the test (PCMB, Eng and Logical Reasoning) and for each candidate, the paper is made by randomly choosing questions from that pool. 

All the above mentioned factor point out towards need of one thing for sure: BITSAT Test Series.  Test series must be such that it can provide the best possible mock papers to the students. Because BITSAT is online, first and foremost, the test series all must be online. Further, the level of questions in test series should replicate the level of questions in actual exam. It has often been seen that students attempt questions much more difficult than the actual level and hence tend to lose their confidence even before they appear in exam.

Carefully keeping in mind all these points, Masterclass Space, founded by the BITSian himself, has launched the BITSAT Online Test Series. The series is further developed by students from BITS-Pilani and IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay. The testimonials of our students who scored more than 400 marks out of 450 in the prestigious exam is the proof of success of our test series. If you want to prepare for BITSAT Exam 2022, BITSAT Online Test Series by Masterclass Space is where your search can end. 

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