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Preparing for the SAT in reading and writing requires focused, standard procedure. The standardized practice works better when you can understand most of the passages and (even) sentences you encounter. This is why your question is particularly relevant. It’s best to wait until you can read and comprehend the passages before beginning your standardized practice.

Consider, for example, how you would interpret dialogue between characters, detailed descriptions that convey a particular mood, or the feelings a character has (such as intolerance, envy, or respect) for another character in the passage. The Reading Test is 65 minutes long and has 52 questions. This section of the redesigned SAT includes passage-based reading questions . The theme includes:

a) US and World Literature

b) History or social studies

c) Science-related

How should you score high on SAT Verbal?

1)To lay a solid foundation for Evidence-based Reading, begin reading from any of the books on this list on a regular basis.

a) Kaplan’s Critical Reading

b) Barron’s Critical Reading

c) Seberson Method: New SAT® Vocabulary Workbook

d) Direct Hits Core Vocabulary

Work your way up to at least an hour of reading per day.

2)These publications, newspapers, and magazines all use SAT vocabulary in their writings. The redesigned SAT will include passages from American and foreign literature, history and social studies, and science. You won’t learn new vocabulary for scientific and literature passages if you only read articles about politics all the time. Begin working on non-fiction items, such as those from literary journals such as Science News, Articles, as well as Publications on The Economist – World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance.

3)After a month of consistent work, you should be ready to step up your game by reading some of the Federalist papers (not the actual Federalist papers, but an introduction like The Federalist Papers (Oxford World’s Classics) 

4)If you were confused about a term, make a flashcard with the word and its definition.

If you read one article per day and utilize Professor Word, you will organically increase your vocabulary and practice defining words in context. Contextual questions usually refer to a single line and inquire how a word works within a sentence. Contextual meanings often give a new meaning to ordinary words.

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