How to Prepare for BITSAT?

BITSAT Online Test Series


Are you worried about how to crack the BITSAT? (BITS), Pilani offers various Integrated First Degree programs at its Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad campuses and conducts an all-India engineering entrance test popularly known as BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) every year. The candidate should fill the BITSAT Registration form online at After completion of the registration process, a unique application number is generated. Upon completion of personal, academic, and payment details, you are all set to headstart on your preparation journey.

Though BITSAT is easier than the JEE Main exam, it is a lot more competitive. So one should have the right strategy to ace the exam.

Often students get confused about where to start with the preparation. However, once they have the basic framework of how to do it, it becomes much easier to start. To prepare BITSAT, you must take the BITSAT ONLINE TEST series. The test series are well designed and match the level of actual questions asked in BITSAT. Mustafa Chasmai opted for the BITSAT TEST Series of Masterclass Space and secured 434 and AIR 91 in JEE Advanced. We believe every aspirant can achieve this feat with the right approach.

Here in this post, we are going to cover a brief article on quick tips for BITSAT preparation in a better way. You have to utilize six months wisely. Experts and previous years toppers have revealed that in order to crack the exam, it is better to start preparation six months before the exam commencement date.

Prepare the BITSAT with the ultimate tips as mentioned below:

1)Know Your Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The BITSAT covers a major section from the NCERT books by CBSE, so it is very crucial to have complete knowledge of the concepts in these books. The paper comprises of questions from the following topics: Physics (40 questions), Chemistry (40 questions)English Proficiency (15 questions), Logical Reasoning (10 questions)Mathematics/Biology (45questions). You get 150 multiple-choice questions. You need to secure at least 302+ to get into Bits

2)Prepare with best study materials

If you have access to learning material online or offline for other entrance examinations such as JEE Mains or Advanced, the syllabus is pretty much the same for this. If you are thorough with your preparation for these exams than you are surely good for BITSAT. We are providing the best BITSAT online test series so that you can prepare better.

3) Practice Previous Year Question Papers

The previous year’s papers should be strictly paid attention for preparation. Sometimes similar questions repeat in the exams. So, practicing the previous year paper will not only make you confident but also help you to know how questions can be remodified into different forms.

4) Make a Time Table

Try to solve past year papers within the actual time limit as BITSAT not only checks your concepts but it also checks your speed. As you start doing so, you learn to get into the mind frame of the exam. Knowing what questions to attempt and what to skip is an important skill altogether that can be developed only through paper solving. Work on the sections you are weak in and accordingly keep track of your speed.

5) Read special books for BITSAT

There are also special book for BITSAT include hundreds of topic-wise questions asked in BITSAT and can be used as a practice to test your concepts. Arihant Prep guide      provides with sufficient practice. We recommend that students must complete topic wise questions first and then use our test series which are based on complete syllabus.

6) Practice taking tests from Laptop

Take BITSAT Tests from Laptop preferably and not with mobile. This is simply because you should try to mimic the exact condition in which you will write your exam. Also try to attempt papers from some good test series; don’t waste time in getting free tests. Quality has its own price.

7)Revision for the last month

Revise all topics and invest at least 2-3 hours per day. Don’t jump into a new concept at the last moment if you are not confident about it. Revising important formulae every day, and updating important chapters/concepts every week will help boost students confidence eventually leading to excellent BITSAT scores.

Last but not the least, it is your determination, hard work and consistent effort that will get you the score that you aim for. Wishing you the best!