How to Prepare for English of BITSAT?

English of BITSAT 

BITSAT will be soon around the corner so let’s get ready to prepare well! English is one of the most important subjects of BITSAT. The computer-based test will be covering Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English & Logical Reasoning.

With Masterclass Space, you can avail the most aligned and systematic preparation for BITSAT. In this article, we will be covering how to crack the English section of the BITSAT. Believe it, it is not a rocket science to crack the English section. However, if you don’t pay attention to the subject, getting high score in BITSAT can be a question mark. Students need to have proper time management along with having a daily habit of practicing the BITSAT test series in order to get the best results.

Students who rank well usually spend at least a few hours daily along with PCM, for English proficiency. They revise thoroughly the Online Mock Test Series at least one month before the final exam. To understand more, let’s check the syllabus for English Proficiency Test.

GrammarAgreement, tense, Relative Pronouns, Parallel Constructions, Determiners, Adjectives, Modals, Prepositions, Voice, Phrasal verbs, Questions tags
VocabularySynonyms/antonyms, One word, Homophones, Spelling, Odd words, Analogy, Contextual Meaning, Jumbled Letters
Reading ComprehensionContent, Rewording, Idioms, Vocabulary, Referents
CompositionParagraph Unity, Rearrange, Linkers

Books For BITSAT English

English grammar books like Wren & Martin-latest edition is alone enough to boost up your required Grammar skills. Books dealing with Verbal practice of competitive exams like SAT, GMAT can cover English Proficiency-Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Composition, Verbal Reasoning – Analogy, Classification or Odd One Out which are the essential prerequisite of the exam. You can get a lot of questions from them. Going through English newspapers is a must to remain updated with the exam announcements. Further, it can enhance your vocabulary skills too.

Time Management

Necessarily spend about 1 hour daily for this section, covering Grammar, Compositions, and Synonyms, etc before exam. Practice for the mock papers and keep revising the syllabus from time to time.

Keep practicing & questioning yourself

Masterclass Space’s BITSAT Mock Test Series can assist you to know your actual preparation level and find out how much more effort is needed to perform better. A Best BITSAT test series can predict what will be asked to you on the exam so that you can study more efficiently and outline your preparation well before which is done by test series by Masterclass Space.

Use of flashcards for Vocabulary

Flashcards can be a valuable tool for vocabulary. Students can use flashcards regularly to memorize key terms, concepts, names, dates, and places.

Why is Online BITSAT Mock Tests of Masterclass Space so effective?

24*7 Online Access 

We provide flexibility of time in taking tests and in-depth analysis and solution for all questions.

Experienced Faculty 

All the mock tests have been designed by an experienced team consisting of BITSians, IITians & IIMites.

Progress Reports 

Students can see their progress reports and solutions of each problem. They can have a repeat analysis and find out the weak areas. We also provide time management reports where students can see how much time they are taking to finish the test.

Questions Distribution Test Analysis

Fully Functional Website & Android App

 Students can take the BITSAT Mock Test Series on android app – BITSAT Test Series By Masterclass Space and search for related information on our fully functional website.

Preparing for English does not take much time but it can be quite helpful to secure a good score. If this interests you, you can check out Online BITSAT Test Series by Masterclass Space.


Results & Testimonial

Masterclass Space has produced many top scorers in BITSAT. As per the feedback of students, they get approximately same score in BITSAT which they get in mock test series.

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