How to score high on SAT in Hyderabad


Masterclass Space is an online institution that offers the Best SAT Classes in Hyderabad by leveraging dedicated instructional methods to equip students with the best in SAT Preparation. At the undergraduate level, many students plan to study abroad in the best universities in the United States. There are several advantages of studying abroad while still in college, rather than putting it off till your master’s. It is an excellent idea to earn a master’s degree from a US university if you have completed your undergraduate studies there. Studying in the United States for a Bachelor’s degree is a great way to gain US citizenship faster if you plan on moving to the country in the future.

First, completing your undergraduate degree in the US increases your chances of getting into a reputable master’s program. Second, if you want to live in America, studying abroad for your Bachelor’s degree increases your chances of gaining citizenship sooner.

To study abroad in the USA for a UG program, you must first pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It is a common exam taken by all students who wish to enroll in US universities. The SAT score is one of the criteria that can affect your admissions application. So getting a good SAT score is vital.

How Masterclass Space can help you Score High on SAT?

For the Best SAT preparation in Hyderabad, aspirants need to have a complete understanding of the sections. To prepare for the SAT exam, students can enroll in SAT Coaching Classes or self-study. However, we recommend taking help from expert tutors can make your preparation systematic and a lot easier. Keep reading to go through the SAT Curriculum.

The SAT Course Curriculum 

SAT Reading Test 

The SAT Reading Test uses texts from Science, History/Social Studies, and Fiction to measure how well you ‘interpret, synthesize, and use evidence from a wide range of sources’. In addition to questions about the texts, it will also feature questions that require you to comprehend related tables, charts, and graphs. What is important is how attentively you read the chapters and answer the questions based on what you have read. It’s possible to raise your score by taking full-length tests and practicing with timed drills. Just reading and comprehending do not gain your points. Thus the portion actually turns out to be a test of your ability to answer the questions rather than merely your ability to read and comprehend. Several questions will ask which part of the text supports the previous question. Vocabulary in Context questions will ask about words from the passage that is familiar but utilized in unique ways. You need to build habits and skills to deduce meaning from context information.

SAT Writing Test

The SAT Writing component assesses your knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and language usage. You will need to know about subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, parallelism, and modifiers. Several questions will test your knowledge of punctuation and phrase and clause connecting. The Writing component assesses style, tone, word choice, paragraph transitions, passage organization, and coherence. You will be expected to increase the flow of information and ideas. In some instances, you’ll need to choose the best words. Students will need to analyze informational images including tables, charts, and graphs. We will show you how to make a sentence more exact and concise.

SAT Math Test 

Diligent reading and a systematic approach can bring you an excellent score in SAT Maths Section. One section of the Math test does not allow the use of the calculator, the other one permits. If you use a calculator, make sure that you are familiar with its usage and also that you are using one that adheres to SAT’s calculator policy“Careful reading” is the key to success on the SAT maths, especially given the questions themselves can be long and wordy. We aid you with your preparation for practically all tough courses including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, and basic trigonometry. We provide you with various shortcuts to simplify the calculation process. A math question on the SAT is frequently difficult not because it tests a complex idea, but because the majority of the students get it wrong. As a result, diligent reading and a methodical approach can help you achieve a high score. With a lot of practice, you’ll be able to enhance your accuracy and effectiveness in the Sat Math Section.

What is a decent SAT score, and how do you get one?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test has a total score of 1600 points. The SAT Test is divided into SAT Reading, Writing, and Maths. Those who achieve a score above 1350 are likely to be those students who have scored much better than 90 percent of the students who attempted the test. Moreover, you would need a SAT score of at least 1450 to be admitted to one of the top universities. Anything far higher than this could be regarded as an extraordinarily good result, and students could be offered numerous opportunities to study at colleges around the world. When a student receives a score below 1200, it is considered average. Adding to that, students who wish to study abroad in topics pertaining to mathematics will, without a doubt, need to perform well on the quantitative component of the exam, while those who intend to study abroad in literature and arts will need to perform well on the verbal section of the exam.

Conduct a Mock Test

It is critical for students to understand their preparation level for the SAT in order to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. We recommend taking a mock test before beginning your SAT preparation and then continuing to take additional mock tests as your preparation progresses. Keep track of your scores to determine your progress and any more measures necessary to obtain your best. Masterclass Space provides a variety of practice tests and quizzes that allow you to determine where you should focus your study time for the SAT. Using our SAT score calculator, we provide recommendations on how to increase your score based on your average performance in each part.

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