SAT Digital


SAT Test to become all digital and be of 2 hrs from 2024: Yes, you read that right! The test which was taken by roughly 1.5 million students last year is changing its format from 2024. An interesting point to note is that the new digital SAT is not going to be exactly same as the current SAT. Because the change of platform would allow room for other changes also, digital SAT will certainly have now new added features: in types, level of questions as well as in assessment.

Last 2 years of Covid-19 pandemic have played a significant role in this decision for sure. There was a growing demand for online test amid the fears of health of children. Considering the same, Collegeboard pilot-tested digital SAT last year which received positive reviews not only from students but from educators and parents also.

This move is also expected to help SAT and Collegeboard counter the criticism it has faced at times regarding biasness of exam. Some colleges and universities have in fact made SAT/ACT optional due to this. Now that Collegeboard has decided to change to the mode of exam from physical to digital, one can expect the popularity of SAT exam to get increased again.

Also the calculator would now been provided in the entire Maths section. Changes to reading test also are planned to be made. Despite these modifications, the total marks of SAT will be 1600.

From students point of view, the Digital SAT would be undoubtedly easier to attempt but they also now need to take practice sessions and mock tests in that format only. This is significantly important because the exact replication of exam settings definitely give the best results to the students. Masterclass Space has been working in field of SAT Test Prep from last 4 years and our students have achieved amazing results in the Tests. With use of premier technology, we are ready to make out students well prepared for the new edition of SAT. Reach us at in case you want to know more. Get enrolled and explore your true potential.