Preparing for SAT Exams in India-What you need to know


For students wishing to apply to undergraduate programs in the United States and elsewhere, the SAT is a prerequisite. Every student has a unique way of approaching different types of questions. It is only through repeated practice that new approaches to a problem can be refined.

It is critical to note that the SAT will only give you a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the test. SAT Preparation in India will give a rigorous, comprehensive, and cost-effective strategy to preparing for the SAT, ensuring that each student receives individualized attention during their test.

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To prepare for the SAT in India, you must follow the steps outlined below:

  1.  It is important to check the College Board website for SAT exam dates, as this exam is conducted four times every year. Typically, it takes 3–4 months to complete the entire SAT preparation process, depending on your basic skills and concepts. Plan your time accordingly.
  2. The next step after deciding on an exam date is to enroll in a suitable coaching institute that will assist you in achieving a high score within the allotted period.
  3. You should take the SAT Diagnostic Test, as it will determine your current abilities, your strong and weak areas, and your overall readiness for the SAT. The ability to identify your strong and weak areas can assist you in providing direction to your preparation by concentrating more on and putting in more effort on your weak regions while continuing to practice and revise your strong areas.
  4. Through small quizzes and practice tests, students will be able to check their skills at the right time. Once you gain confidence in a certain portion, don’t forget to take a practice exam for that section; this will boost your confidence while also allowing you to evaluate your performance and work on your weaknesses.
  5. After you have completed the entire syllabus of SAT, you must appear in Mock Tests. These Mock examinations can help you hone your examination-related skills.

Improve your Math Calculations for a Good Score 

Study the square and cube roots of numbers. Learn all the triangle rules associated with the similarity & congruence of triangles. Go through the concepts connected to each topic while you practice it. This will assist you to apply the formulae and theories when you are practicing. This way, you’ll remember the principles better and know when and when to apply them. Avoid using calculators for simple computations and do them mentally. Get acquainted with the sum of all interior and exterior angles of the Polygons study the Pythagorean Triplets well.

What is the structure of the SAT verbal section? 

Preparing for the SAT in reading and writing involves a methodical approach that follows a set pattern. When you can grasp the majority of the passages and sentences you encounter, the standardized practice is more effective. It is preferable to wait until you have mastered the ability to read and comprehend the passages before commencing your standardized practice. The SAT Verbal tests students  in reading, writing, and language comprehension simultaneously. Together, the results of these two exams yield your “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” score, which ranges from 200 to 800 and is referred to as your “Verbal” score.

The Reading Test consists of 52 multiple-choice questions and takes 65 minutes to complete. It requires you to read and analyse passages from a wide range of fields, including literature, history, the social sciences & physical sciences. The Writing and Language Test consists of 44 multiple-choice questions and takes 35 minutes to complete. Proofreading and editing passages on a variety of themes are required. You can expect to be asked questions about the utilization of evidence, word choice, clarity, Grammar, punctuation, and conciseness.

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