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It is often said that hard work is important but not the only component for ensuring success. Strategy plays an equally important role in the same. One can start from scratch and improve up to some level through hard work, but to make the last mile, one has to strategize.

In SAT Preparation too, the above discussion holds equal merit. After taking some lessons and strengthening concepts, one must time and again keep on attempting mock tests to gauge his/her preparation.

Having said that, merely taking a sample test won’t be effective if its analysis is left. A proper detailed analysis explaining the strong and weak areas would be an ideal package.

We, at Masterclass Space, have come up with a unique SAT Score Calculator which not only gives you scores depending on your inputs but also shares feedback with you.

It takes input from the user about the number of right answers in Reading, Writing and Math section separately and based on that it generates a result using its algorithm.

The calculator along with result generation is also designed for identifying the weak areas which need the most attention. It also gives feedback based on scores and areas to work upon. Not only that, it gives a detailed method for improvement and the best possible path ahead.

In all, this calculator is not just a number emitter, it is a complete package to boost your performance!

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