SAT Test Dates 2020-21

When applying to college, it’s important to stay on schedule and make sure all your test scores are submitted on time. We’ve put together what we believe is the most accurate list of SAT dates, registration deadlines, and score release date estimates. Knowing this information will help you plan and make sure your applications are submitted on time.
Register for the SAT by visiting the SAT’s website and registering online. To register, you’ll need:
● A photo that meets SAT photo requirements
● A payment method
● Your fee waiver (if applicable)
● Your SSD number for special accommodations (if applicable)
SAT Test Dates

How Accurate is This Table?

Although these dates can change, they are as reliable as what was released by the college board. You can use these dates to decide when to take the SATs, which will help you plan your applications and your study schedule. If you’re signing up for more than one test, you can also use this schedule to plan ahead, so that you can take your first test scores into account when formulating a study plan for the next test.

How to Choose Your SAT Test Date for 2020-2021

Few points can be taken into consideration while choosing your SAT dates, those are as follows

1) Make sure you know your deadline.

2) How many attempts you wish to take in order to get your desired marks.

3) How long you plan to prepare before appearing.

4) If the date you are selecting for SAT test is clashing with any other exam you wish to appear or have any other personal plans on that date.

We recommend picking a test date based on your estimated college application deadlines and how many times you plan to take the test. On an average, students take the SAT 2 or 3 times to achieve their goal score but we recommend our students to take maximum 2 attempts because some universities look for number of attempts also. So, plan accordingly!

Good Luck.