Studying for the SAT – Books, Tutors and Courses

So you’ve decided to go to college. Now you need to appear for the SAT examination. The Scholastic Aptitude Test is one of the most influential papers you will take in your life – it decides your college, field of study as well as your scholarships. If you are studying for it, let’s do it the right way.

The best way to study for the SAT is a holistic approach that combines conceptual learning and practice questions along with timed practice papers. You should know not only how to solve these questions but how to solve them in a given amount of time

Q: Can I just pick up a thick book?

A: There are more books on SAT preparation than there are writers with a good SAT score. If you go to the bookstore and look at the shelf, you’ll see books that you know about because they’re old or because they are marketed heavily. Moreover, once you start a book, you could realize that different books have different strengths – the reading skills

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part could be good in one book, while another one has better content for Math, and a third book has a lot of practice questions. Above all this requires tremendous amount of the self-discipline as well as determination since you will have to push yourself through many monotonous questions.



1. You get to study at your own time and pace.

2. You have a diverse material to consult.


1. Such an approach to study possesses lack of accountability. You need to have tremendous self- discipline. NOBODY is there to keep a check on you when you study on your own.

2. The quality of content is variable, and questions can be repetitive.

3. The solutions manuals can be very expensive.

4. Time management becomes a real challenge with increased sources.

Q: What about a holistic learning course such as Masterclass Space?

A: These integrated programs present with most advanced and comprehensive method of studying for a contemporary examinations. Human interaction helps you identify your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can plan your studies accordingly. All topics can be covered, and you get to understand the concepts behind the questions in the SAT. Timed tests are taken to simulate the actual exam experience and to instigate improved time management.


Features of Masterclass Space:

1. Comprehensive course that takes care of SAT preparation as well as school papers.

2. Variable course lengths to suit your study requirements.

3. Doubts solving sessions.

4. Curated content packages so that optimum amount of time is spent on each question.

5. Test series to develop strategies for attempting the paper.

6. In depth analysis of results and counseling when applying for universities.

7. The faculty profile of MCS is very high. All the faculty members are from top notch Indian universities – IIT, IIM & BITS-Pilani