How can you ace SAT Preparation in Kolkata, Bangalore & Pune

Kolkata, Bangalore & Pune

You don’t just need to put in the hours to get good grades on the SAT; you also need to study well. Apart from the current preparation you are doing for the SAT, these practices mentioned below can help you in becoming even better. This is compiled by top class teachers for Best SAT Preparation in Kolkata, Best SAT Preparation in Bangalore and Best SAT Preparation in Pune. The methods being suggested here have been found to be extremely helpful to students doing their exam prep. Let’s go through them once by one.

 1) Concentrate on Your Weaknesses and Mistakes

Make the most of your study time by looking at why you’re missing questions and trying to improve your weak points when you study. If you do a lot of practice questions but don’t stop to think about why you’re getting them wrong, your score won’t go up very much.

Each time you do a practice test or set of questions, write down any questions that you’re even a little bit unsure about and mark them. Then, when you’re reviewing, look very carefully at each question you got wrong or guessed on. Make sure you know how to answer the question right and what you didn’t understand or did wrong.

2) SAT approach

Some students understand the topic and have no time management concerns, but they are missing questions. This is usually due to a lack of SAT strategy knowledge. If you fall for popular SAT gimmicks, you probably need to study SAT strategy.

Example: You know the grammar rules but are missing questions because you are not reading the complete sentence.

3) Passage-Based Reading questions

They can be answered fast and properly once-hidden patterns are learned. It’s not about speed reading but about knowing how to identify the one right answer from the four wrong ones. This knowledge can reduce passage reading time.

Many of our practice tests and quizzes allow you to perform diagnostic tests in each section of the test and determine where you should concentrate your study efforts in preparation for the SAT.If you are looking for Best SAT Preparation in Kolkata, then get in touch with Masterclass Space for a free demo today.

4) Work on Vocabulary

Students should be on the lookout for misleading choices, and they should only select an answer if they are very certain that it is the correct one. In many cases, words that appear to be the perfect term are, in fact, misleading. It’s helpful to have a good vocabulary in this part, but knowing how to interpret a word’s meaning is more crucial.

5) Learn to use a formula sheet and calculator.

On the exam, you will need to use formulas and rules of geometry. It is best to learn the formulas. This will speed up the question answering procedure. Formulas are offered to exam-takers so they can focus on application rather than memorizing. On the SAT exam, you will need to remember a lot of math formulas.

6) Enroll in Preparatory Classes

A good option is to enroll in preparatory classes. Self-motivation is best form of motivation but one might not always feel motivated to do the theory and practice work all by himself/herself; in such cases this strategy may be suitable for you. The quality of the teacher is critical in this scenario. A good instructor can help you improve a lot. With Masterclass Space, you can surely receive the Best SAT Preparation in Bangalore having an excellent track record of successful students in Bangalore.


To score well in an exam like SAT, proper direction is needed along with efforts. We believe in delivering quality to our students which help them to excel not just in this exam but in further studies also.  If you want to start your journey for excellence, enroll today for Best SAT Preparation in Pune. Reach out today at